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Welcome to National Trade USA:

We would like to introduce you to the best source of savings for Business to Business transactions.

As low as 3% Cash Transaction Fees!

For your convenience we offer:  
FREE account management 24/7 online  FREE trade loans and credit lines —0% APR
FREE unlimited advertising  FREE personal support
Weekly e-mail updates on new items on our mall from our 50,000+ members  We will help you gain customers and reduce your surplus goods.

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Featured Store Item:
Accommodations, Villa
South Hampton Estate Exclusive New York Property
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Item Cost is  $6,000.00 USD
Qty on hand is 40
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NTU Trade Dollars make it easy to reward employees while conserving cash. Simply open a sub-account for each employee at no extra charge.


With a click, you can transfer NTU Trade Dollars from your main account to an employee's separate sub-account,

enabling employees to shop. They each get their own login, and can view only their own transactions.



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